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MABL 070 2A - Stainless Steel Staircase Glass Balustrade Systems

Make possible a clear,unhindered view with MABL 070-2A.


Make possible a clear,unhindered view with MABL 070-2A.It exudes the perfect mix of style , simplicity and class and keeps the customers spellbound with its unique design and strength.

Need balustrades to compliment the look of your architectural designs? Consider the MABL 070 - 2A balustrades. This stainless steel staircase glass balustrade system offers a clear, unrestricted view of the things on the other side. It is made of sturdy steel to serve you for a long duration. Moreover, we have given it a neat finish, so you don’t settle for anything less than perfect. It is the ideal pick for projects that demand class and simplicity.

System Details