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Transline LED Glass Railing

Introducing First LED in Railing Systems. Available in Model Number Transline 20 and Transline 30


TransLine LED is used on external connections. It enriches the view and provides large areas on high class projects and buildings. It makes you feel the stability and durability with first touch… all the details regarding the montage are kept with the cover. Simplicity and aesthetic come into prominence with TransLine LED.

Technoraill introduces Transline LED, state of the art LED glass railing designed to enrich the view and enhance any stairway or walkway. The Transline LED glass railing comes with an enhanced aesthetic and visibility, offering a versatile design with a long lasting durability and stability. Equipped with a soft lighting system, it provides sufficient illumination for the ideal and classy ambience, a perfect montage for high-class projects and buildings. Transline LED glass railing is used for external connections and comes with a high service life, highlighting intensity and low power consumption. With our LED glass railing and glass studs, you can enjoy an unobstructed view, with the added striking architectural detail to your deck, balcony or patio.